Your local grocery store in Rogerstone

Evans and Clark have everything from apples to homemade chips, lots of our products are locally sourced. Come visit us outside Newport.

Why Evans and Clark?

Finding quality, fresh fruit and vegetables in a supermarket can be difficult. Not only are our products of the highest standard but we source our produce from local sources. Anything that you cannot find in store we can order in for you. We know how important it is to have a balanced diet. Therefore Evans & Clark grocery can help stay healthy with our large variety of produce. For example, at Evans and Clark you can purchase over four different types of apple. If you’re curious about what we have available get in contact today or visit the store in Rogerstone, just outside Newport.

Variety of vegetables

Locally sourced potatoes and more.
Buying locally sourced vegetables helps support local businesses.

Fresh fruits

Tasty treats or a healthy dessert for
you and your family. Special order any
fruit you can’t find.

Other products

Everything else that you would need
from a grocery store, such as
homemade chips.

If you need any fruit or vegetables from your local grocery store, call us now on